Savcan Textile Group, founded in 1987 in Bursa, Turkey, is a family owned and operated fabric and garment manufacturer, supplying the leading fast fashion brands and retailers from all around Europe. The present factories located in the industrial district of Bursa are fully integrated; along with the weaving, dyeing & printing and garment manufacturing facilities. The company is also known as one of the pioneers to implement Lean Production techniques in the industry to foster improvement and quality assurance.

Savcan Weaving – Printing & Dyeing:

These facilities are specialized in the production of rotation/digital printed or plain-dyed fabrics with a 3 million meters of monthly production capacity. The company also holds one of the biggest print pattern libraries with over 30,000+ patterns with almost 2,000 new patterns being developed yearly.

SAFRAN Garment Manufacturing:

Working in close partnership with Savcan Dyeing & Printing, Safran exceeds expected quality at the best time possible due to the strength of vertical integration. Additional to in-house production, the company goes up to 800,00 pieces per month by subcontracted manufacturers that are being inspected daily by Safran’s production specialists. The product ranges include soft separate dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers and girls wear.